Volume 5 Issue 1

Development and Psychometric Assessment of Measures for a Novel STEM Pathway Program that Represents a Partnership between an Academic Health Professions University and High Schools in Underserved Oregon Communities

Carney PA, Bonuck K, Lenahan K, Martinez A, Jones DM and Shugerman S

Research Article : JHSE-5-205

CUREing Health Science: The integration of CURE into the Health Science Program

Holly A Cyphert

Research Article : JHSE-5-204

Anticipating Change in the Preparation of Public Health Practitioners; A Study of Local Health Departments

Poole HH, DeFisher JR, Mulcahy ER

Short Communication : JHSE-1-206

The Graduation of Medical Students who Lack the Necessary Skills and Behavioural Attributes to Practise Medicine Safely – Contrasting Approaches to this Problem in The USA and The UK

David TJ and Ellson S

Opinion Article : JHSE-1-207