Archives of Biomaterials and Engineering Bio-Materials and Engineering is an Online International Peer-Reviewed Open Access Journal dedicated entirely to publish the startling research outputs in the field of Bio-materials in relation to various disciplines of Engineering. Bio-materials is such an area of research where both Biology and Engineering are studied under same roof. This journal is aimed to render its service as a platform to publish the outstanding research and reach the global audience through Open Access. Most advanced technologies in parallel fields of engineering has changed the course of scientific community opening numerable possibilities for research in various hybrid subjects like Bio-Technology, Bio-Chemistry, etc and paved way for Bio-materials. Researchers from both engineering and biology fields are globally updated with highly relevant research information through this journal.

Bio-Materials and Engineering journal will prefer publishing original high-quality research and case reports. The articles can be accessed online immediately on their publication. We are committed to providing authors with a rapid, fair, and constructive review process, with a goal of giving the majority of first decisions within two weeks.

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