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eScience Research is an independent, open-access scientific publishing organization. We are not just a structure but a family of highly skilled, multitalented experienced minds who are dedicated to make a scientific research more proficient and cater to serve the generation with the latest researches worldwide. We run a strict peer – review process that is well structured and flawless. Reputed scientists and professors in our editorial board assist us in each step associated right from the scratch.

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Jean-Charles Basson, University of Toulouse, France

I allow myself this little message to express my interest and pleasure in joining the editorial team of the Journal of Health Science & Education. Indeed, such an international journal was missing until then. The intersection of health and education issues is very rich and intellectually motivating. Moreover, the interdisciplinary dimension, the rigor of the published articles and the openness that characterize it allow it to claim international recognition. This is my dearest wish!

Kazuhisa Nishizawa MD., PhD, Teikyo University, Japan

Best wishes to the journal for publication of quality articles in the field of Biomedical Research. I would like to mention that, after accepting an invitation to become the founding Editor-in-Chief, I have been working with eSciRes to put Annals of Biomedical Research (ABR) on a stable path. ABR is aimed to cover diverse disciplines of biomedicine raging from basic medical science to clinical practice. I feel the cooperation of eSciRes in developing an efficient and low-cost forum for the biomedical community to be commendable. Please contact me if you would like additional information about ABR.

Valerio Ruggiero, University of Messina, Italy

Best wishes to the journal for publication of quality articles in the field of Industrial Engineering and Safety. I would like to mention that the themes of this journal, especially in Ship design are very importa, and it is of extreme interest to have them treated in a professional manner. In fact the ship safety is the product of a various serie of elements, often in contrast among them, and it is complex to match all the needs. Plus, we assisted in last years at a very fast growth of ships size, increasing the potential consequences of a lack of attention at safety and engineering. I wish that the Journal will become a referring point for those topics, and I m sure the scientific community will partecipate with her best members.

Yingxi Chen MD, PhD, National Cancer Institute, USA

I found Health Science & Education is very exciting as a reviewer as well as an editorial board member. It really has its opening for multi-topic content in the field of health science, which appeals to a wide variety of readership. The articles published are very chosen in terms of their scientific rigor. The peer-review process is robust, stringent and rapid. The production of the journal is lovely as well as the appearance of the articles. I certainly encourage people to submit their work to Health Science & Education and read the published articles.

Prof.Dr.Erkan Pehlivan, Inonu University, Turkey

The Journal of Health Sciences and Education is a scientific journal that fills the gap in education in medicine and health sciences. I believe that this journal with the editorial staff and experts from different disciplines of health sciences will gain a special status in a short time. There are many medical journals in the literature. Education and Health sciences is an area that can serve different disciplines. Since this journal covers the dimension of education, it will be a journal that can be preferred by different academicians on health sciences. I'm happy to explain this.

François Gagné, PhD, Environnement et Changement Climatique, Canada

There is a growing need to Open Access journals for the quick access of peer-reviewed research and review in the area of Environmental Research. This is especially of importance given that our planet is under constant and growing stress from pollution and global warming. Although the need of readily available research data and information for all is recognized, this process should pass through an adequate peer-review process to ensure the scientific quality and suitability of the publications. Hence, a balance between peer-review and dissemination of science-based data is required. In this respect, the peer-review processed is made in the spirit of increasing the scientific quality of research papers and reviews instead of the context of excluding manuscripts solely on the basis that major revisions are required.

Dr. CRISTOBAL NOE AGUILAR, Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila, Mexico

It gives me pleasure to be part of this new editorial project with the Annals of Food and Nutrition. I wish a complete success for the editorial ESciRes, an independent and open-access scientific publishing organization that promotes a more competent scientific research and serves the generation with the latest researchers around the world. I invite the scientific community to participate actively.

Maha Maher, Professor of Gastroenterology & Hepatology, Mansoura University, Egypt

This has been my first experience of publishing in Gastroenterology and Hepatology: Current Research, an open access journal. I can recommend the professionalism of the editorial team, who were on hand practically 24/7 to respond to queries. Actually we appreciate their support and I will recommend publication in the journal to my colleagues.

Tim David, Emeritus Professor of Child Health and Paediatrics, University of Manchester, UK

Journal of Health Science & Education has published two papers of ours, both on procedural aspects of dealing with major student disciplinary problems possibly requiring expulsion/termination of studies. The subject is of importance to both education providers and to students. The handling of both manuscripts was handled most efficiently and constructively, and and based on our favourable experience we plan to submit further papers in the months to come. In the case of many journals, the process of manuscript submission has become highly complex and very time consuming, which can be a real deterrent. It is been a refreshing change to deal with a journal that does not apply an obstacle course of multiple and seemingly needless layers of processes, each of which must be engaged prior to completing submission. Our own interactions with this journal have all been very positive and encouraging.