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Published Articles

Urinary Indices: Their Diagnostic Value in Current Nephrology

Benozzi P, Vallecillo B, Musso CG

Research Article: Frontiers in Medicine and Health Research 1-102

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Utility of the Chromosomal Banding with the Enzyme ALU I for the
Identification of Methylated Areas in Myelodysplastic Syndrome

Quintero M, Rojas-Atencio A, Urdaneta K, González M, Ruiz A,
Cañizalez J and Atencio R
Research Article: Archives of Biology and Engineering 1-102

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Users’ Perceptions of Interprofessional Collaborative
Care during their Cancer Journeys’

Joseph S, Barnard S, Macduff C, Moffat M, Walker P and Diack L
Research Article: Journal of Health Science & Education 1-122

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Effect of Weight Change on the Progression to
Diabetes among Non-obese Individuals

Seki R, Inoue K, Takao S, Akimoto K
Research Article: Annals of Biomedical Research 1-102

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