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Volume 2 Issue 5

Public Perception of the Affordable Care Act in the United States: Does Knowledge of the Law Make a Difference?

Su D, Wani R, Chen LW
Research Article: JHSE-1-147

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Total Wellness: Using Technology to Integrate Physical Activity and Nutrition across the Curriculum

Baker EA, Stamatakis K, Christman S, Berman L, Watson M, Keedy HE, Fisher AJ
Research Article: JHSE-1-148

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Importance of Utilizing Standardized Method of Calculating Cost Benefit of Physical Activity Interventions

Mills KM, Pang LW
Opinion Article: JHSE-1-149

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Managing Emotions in the Face of Death: Human Cadavers, Emotions and Anatomy Education in Medical Trainees

McConnell MM, Crown T, Yahiaoui-Djerboua W
Short Communication: JHSE-1-150

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Increasing Obesity Prevalence in the United States End-Stage Renal Disease Population

Shelton BA, Reed RD, MacLennan PA, McWilliams D, Mustian MN, Sawinski D, Kumar V, Ong S,Locke JE
Research Article: JHSE-1-151

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