Volume 2 Issue 1

Education Pertaining to Understanding Common Inferential Procedures in Health Research

Trafimow D

Review Article: JHSE-1-123

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Tracheal Stenosis Based on Surgical Technique

Bollig R, McLain J, Heidel E, Daley BJ
Review Article: JHSE-1-124

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Avoidable Pitfalls and Procedural Errors when Dealing with Pre-registration Health and Social
Care Students whose Behavior has Called into Question their Suitability for a Professional

David TJ and Ellson S
Review Article: JHSE-1-125

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JFK Assassination Paradoxes: A Primer for Beginners

Mantik DW
Opinion Article: JHSE-1-126

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Patient-Centered Medical Home Readiness in the Veterans Health Administration Clinics: Rural - Urban Differences

Nayar P, Nguyen AT, Woodbridge P, Fetrick A
Original Research: JHSE-1-127

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Suicide Risk Linked with Perceived Burdensomeness in Postural Tachycardia Syndrome

Pederson CL Brookings JB
Research Article: JHSE-1-128

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