Volume 1 Issue 1

Derivation and Validation of a Scale Assessing Constructive and Destructive Styles of
Mental Adjustment to Heart Failure Based on the Mini-MAC Scale Used in Psychooncology:
The Results of Multicenter Caps-Lock-HF (Complex Assessment of Psychological Status
Located in Heart Failure) Study

Siennicka A, Goscińska-Bis K, Waga K, Wójcik M, Błaszczyk R, Szymański FM, Nadrowski P, Michalski B, Mizia- Stec K,
Kamiński KA, Kopeć G, Hrynkiewicz-Szymańska A, Krzych L, Banasiak W, Ponikowski P, Watson M and Jankowska EA

Research Article: FMHR-1-101

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Urinary Indices: Their Diagnostic Value in Current Nephrology

Benozzi P, Vallecillo B, Musso CG

Research Article: FMHR-1-102

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Contrast-induced Acute Kidney Injury: A Review

Mandurino-Mirizzi A, Crimi G

Review Article: FMHR-1-103

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